Which full fibre broadband provider is best for me?

If you’re reading this, you’re currently lost in the land of full fibre broadband provider decisions. Hello! We see you, floating on your dilemma boat and staring at endless options, as each provider promises the very best. And we’re here to guide you to shore. Because deciding which broadband provider is best for your needs should be a choice made with all the facts. Here, we break down the factors to consider when choosing the best broadband provider for your specific needs. No sweat, no jargon, no fibs. Let’s go.

05 March 2024

Who is the best broadband provider for me?

Picking the best broadband provider to suit your requirements should be simple. But sadly, lots of providers tell fibs, making it even harder to decide. Let’s break down what to look for, without breaking a sweat.

1. What speeds are provided, really?

There’s nothing like sitting staring at a wheel of doom to make you want to… learn what fast broadband actually is. We can get you up to speed in a jiffy: it simply boils down to upload and download speed. Both of these are measured by how many megabits (tiny bits of data with one megabit representing one million units) your internet connection can transfer every second. The higher your megabits per second (Mbps), the faster your connection. For perspective, ours is up to 900Mbps, compared to other internet providers with 28Mbps. The best broadband providers make upload speeds (sending things from your devices to the internet) and download speeds (bringing things to your device from the internet) of equal importance. They also won’t make you pay for more speed than you need

2. Can you count on them?

Which broadband providers stick to their promises, and which are unreliable? This is a biggie. All you ask for is that your internet connection and costs stay as dependable as your morning coffee routine, with solid service guarantees, and then a provider goes and ruins everything with a mid-contract price hike. Or, it turns out they don’t even really offer real full fibre. Last year, millions of broadband (and wider telecoms) customers in the UK were hit with broadband price hikes of up to 17.3%. Even Ofcom investigated, with concerns many providers weren’t being clear enough about contracts. So, make sure your provider is clear as day about what you’ll pay and what you’ll get. FYI: you’ll have none of that on our watch. 

3. What are upfront, in-contract, and rolling costs?

Which leads us nicely to this: your budget. The best broadband providers should be talking straight about costs: upfront, in-contract, the whole shebang. A contract should work both ways: both parties committing to the same level of service, with the same package, for the same period your contract lasts, and then rolling onwards. That’s how we do it, but not every provider rolls like that. According to MoneySavingsExpert, millions of customers who are out of contract have simply been rolled on to often pricier tariffs without signing up for them. In this situation, it confirms: ‘you can leave at any point penalty-free – and given the best broadband and mobile deals tend to be for newbies, there’s a good chance you’re overpaying anyway’.

4. Are you looked after?

Customer service and support matters. One factor to consider is whether a provider offers actual human assistance. Customer care should be fast, reliable, and real. For example, at BeFibre, our UK-based call centres ensure you’re not sifting through frustrating interactive voice response systems. And if you do want to handle something solo, our online help centre is packed with common queries and solutions. We offer refer-a-friend perks, and we’ll also reach out to you within four weeks to check in – just to make sure you’re surfing the web with a smile on your face. On your search for a broadband BFF, look at reviews to see which broadband providers come up time and time again for dealing with concerns in a way that makes customers mad as heck. Not to be smug, but our Trustpilot score is 4.3 stars trending up. 

5. Can you leave when you want to?

We’re very confident that our customers will love our internet speeds, connectivity, and support: so much so, we offer a 30-day satisfaction BeGuarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of your contract, you have the option to cancel – no strings attached. We also offer flexible 12 month and 24 month packages so you can pick the right time frame for your needs, without feeling pressure to opt for a super long term tie-in.

Deciding which broadband provider is best for you comes down to figuring exactly what you need it for. Whether you’re a Netflix binger or  a household of gamers with a gazillion gadgets, we hope this guide ensures you never opt into a contract that doesn’t serve you.

And that’s exactly why, at BeFibre, we’re an open book. We offer tailored packages to suit you. We’ll never push you to pay for more than what you need, and we work with customers old and new to make sure all their broadband boxes are ticked – with free installation (worth £250) and no mid-contract price hikes. Explore our 150Mbps, 500Mbps, and 900Mbps options to find the perfect package for you.

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