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How much faster is BeFibre full fibre broadband?

The BeFibre network features speeds of up to 900Mbps. That means less time spent getting frustrated and more time enjoying doing the things you love. Be smug. Use our speed tester to see how much time you could save:

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BeFibre Broadband

Download HD Movie (4GB)


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Download HD Movie (4GB)

Broadband as it should Be

No Upfront Costs

With BeFibre there are no sneaky upfront costs! Which means, No set up fee, No installation fee, No activation fee and No postage delivery fee.

Game-changing speeds

A Full Fibre network that gives you symmetrical upload speeds that are equal to that of the download speeds (up to 900 Mbps). A must for home workers, online gamers and anything in-between.

30 day BeGuarantee

Not happy with your reliable, full fibre connection after 30 days? Don’t worry, you can leave with no cancellation fees. T&C’s apply.

Be future ready. Work, stream, play and connect with confidence.

Whatever you rely on broadband for, you can rest assured there’ll be no buffering or interruptions no matter how many devices you have connected. The BeFibre experience means you can be the best version of yourself, whether working from home, gaming, watching movies with your family or anything else that takes your fancy.

Be inspired.

A broadband provider that won’t let you down.

(1) No upfront costs.

(2) Symmetrical upload & download speeds.

(3) No price hikes mid-contract.

(4) 30 day BeGuarantee.

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