BeFibre Static IP for £4 per month
Static IP allows you to enjoy a better online experience, whether you’re gaming, streaming videos, monitoring at-home security, or anything in between.

BeFibre Static IP

  • Static IP address
  • 30 days minimum contract
  • 30 days cancellation notice
  • Better gaming experience


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Why Static IP is great for everyone.

A static IP address can provide faster download speeds, especially for peer-to-peer file sharing or other online services that require a reliable and consistent connection — which is essential for users who frequently download large files, such as software updates, music, movies, and more.

For online gamers, this might manifest in a more stable connection, reducing latency and lag, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. This can be especially important for gamers who participate in competitive online tournaments, where split-second reactions make all the difference.

Similarly, users who enjoy streaming videos can reap the benefits of a more stable connection by enjoying fewer buffering and loading times. This can be particularly helpful for users who stream high-quality content or have multiple devices streaming simultaneously.

You won’t be charged anything until your broadband is successfully installed, and your broadband connection is live.

Broadband as it should Be

No Buffering

Stay connected, no matter how many devices you’re using in your home. No more buffering. Just seamless connections.

Game-changing speeds.

Gamer, family orientated, relaxing retiree or simply working from home? Rest assured 900Mbps means you won’t miss a beat of whatever it is you’re into.

Fibre without the fibs.

We’ll always do right by our customers. No false or broken promises. No exaggerations.

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