Can I switch broadband mid-contract?

26 March 2024

There are a few reasons you might be wondering how to get out of broadband contract terms. Perhaps you’re moving house and want to explore options for your new area, or maybe you’re dissatisfied with your current provider’s service.

This April, many broadband providers will hike up prices regardless of where you are in your contract, and some of these increases are as much as 8.8% (we know, we’re shocked too). So we also understand if that’s why you’re looking for a provider with fixed, reliable costs. 

Whatever your reason, we answer the most common questions about mid-contract moves here – so you can feel informed and empowered, whatever choice you make. 

Can I cancel my broadband contract if I move house? 

First question: can you cancel internet contracts if you move to a new location? This depends. Most broadband providers will give you the opportunity to take your service with you when you move, as long as they have coverage in that area. In some cases, this might require you to be treated like a new customer, with a new contract, which can often mean a better price. If your provider can’t service the area you’re moving to, some may allow you to cancel your contract free of charge.

If you’re out of contract with your broadband provider and are moving home, you can switch. However, if you want to cancel mid-contract, most providers will charge an early termination fee. This will depend on the provider’s terms and conditions, how long you have left in your contact, and whether you have other subscriptions. 

How long before my broadband contract ends can I switch?

You can switch to a new broadband provider whenever you wish, but if it is within the minimum term contract, you’ll likely have to pay an early exit fee. If you’ve recently taken out a new broadband, you’ll have at least 14 days to cancel without being charged. This is called a ‘cooling off’ period and is your right, which all broadband contracts offer under Consumer Contracts Regulations. However, there are some situations where you can switch without paying a fee. 

Can you change broadband providers mid-contract?

This depends on the situation and the specific terms and conditions of the broadband provider. If you are subject to mid-contract cost hikes, some broadband providers allow cancellations within a 30-day period of notice, but this will be in each provider’s terms and conditions. 

There may also be better protections for in-contract price hikes in the future. In 2023, these increases were so significant that Ofcom recently published a proposal for new consumer price protections. It’s not certain exactly what this ruling might look like, but it might help future customers leave a contract earlier if costs are raised from the original amount they signed up for before a contract has ended. 

How to get out of broadband contract

If you’ve just signed a new contract, you can contact your broadband provider within the first 14 days and ask to cancel without being charged. For those unsure if they are still in a contract, contact your provider and ask when it’s coming to an end. There may be certain situations where you can leave without paying an exit fee: for example, if your provider isn’t holding up its end of the bargain. However, in most cases you will receive a penalty for leaving early. 

Things can naturally go wrong with any service, but if you’re given plenty of promises and are repeatedly let down, then ask to speak to a manager or someone with relevant authority. And to help find a provider that fulfils all of its promises, do your research before signing up. Broadband providers should make it easy for you to see all the terms and conditions, and the minimum term contract prices up-front in pounds and pence.

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