How to change broadband providers

26 March 2024

Itchy feet? If you’re unhappy with your current internet situation, or your circumstances have changed, it can help to know how to switch broadband providers as simply and smoothly as possible. 

Whether you’re moving to a new home, or are shocked about mid-contract price hikes (we get it, we are too) and would prefer a more reliable provider, there are a range of reasons you might want to jump ship. Here, we outline the best way to do it, and answer some common questions about switching providers.

How do you switch broadband providers?

While every broadband provider has different terms and conditions, the following steps are typically the most straightforward way to switch your service to a new company. 

1. Check your current contract and plan

Before you do anything else, know where you stand with your current provider. Three important details include: where you are in your current broadband plan, what other subscriptions you might have within your plan, and whether the provider you’re moving on from has any penalties or fees associated with early termination (if you’re still in your contract). These fees differ, but generally most providers will charge an early termination fee for cancelling mid-contract.

2. Research new broadband providers

It’s important to choose a provider that suits your requirements, never pushes you to pay for more than you need, and is transparent about T&Cs. So, once you know the terms of your current contract, start by researching potential providers to switch to. Check independent comparison sites and customer reviews, considering factors such as speeds (and we mean real speeds), coverage in your area, whether the provider has proven dependable (in service and support), and if contracts are flexible.

3. Choose your new plan

Found a new broadband BFF? It’s time to arrange the change. Your new provider should make it simple for you to switch, helping you choose the perfect package and arranging installation at a time that’s convenient for you. While we don’t charge for installation, some broadband providers do, so ask about this before the switch. We also offer flexible 12 month and 24 month packages so you can pick the right time frame for your needs, without feeling pressure to opt for a super long term tie-in.

 4 . Let your current provider know

Remember to let your current broadband provider know you’re intending to cancel your service. Again, different providers have different terms, and they’ll provide you with instructions for ending your contract. This might include paying an exit fee (if you’re still in a contract), returning equipment, or settling outstanding balances.

5. Get activated and test your new connection

Your new provider will send your new equipment with instructions to set it up, or may install it for you. Be aware of any upfront costs: with us, there is no setup fee, installation fee, activation fee or postage delivery fee, but that is not the same for all providers. Once your equipment is set up, test the connection to ensure all is well. If not, contact your provider who should help you get up and running. And if it’s still not working out, you have at least 14 days to cancel without being charged. This is called a ‘cooling off’ period which all broadband contracts offer under Consumer Contracts Regulations.

How do I change broadband providers if I’m moving? 

Typically, you can take your current broadband service with you when you move. But not all providers have coverage in every area. If your provider can’t service the area you’re moving to, some may allow you to cancel your contract free of charge. If you’d prefer to stay with your current provider, you may need to be treated like a new customer, with a new contract. This is not always a negative thing though, as it can often result in a lower cost or a better deal. 

How do I switch broadband providers mid-contract?

It’s important to know how to change broadband provider if you’re within your minimum term contract. While you can switch to a new broadband provider whenever you wish, if you are within the minimum term contract, you’ll likely have to pay an early exit fee. However, if you’re subject to sneaky mid-contract cost hikes, some broadband providers allow cancellations within a 30-day period of notice – this will be in each provider’s terms and conditions. 

Figuring out how to switch broadband providers shouldn’t have you pulling your hair out. The right provider will make it as smooth as possible for you. Things can naturally go wrong with any service, but if you’re promised a deal and a provider breaks it, we understand why you’d want to move onto a service without surprises. 

Whether you’re looking for genuinely fast speeds, better reliability, or just a broadband provider that doesn’t tell fibs, we offer flexible 12 month and 24 month packages with absolutely no in-contract price hikes. Explore our 150Mbps, 500Mbps, and 900Mbps packages to find a service that’s right for you.

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