Why broadband isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution

We live in a world where an internet connection is a human need. Our essential household utilities no longer stop at electricity, gas and water. If you’re not online, you’re off the radar!

27 July 2022

Where water and electricity needs tend to increase with each added member of the household – our internet requirements change from person to person. Not all 2.4 households need a set amount of digital bandwidth. 

Ask yourself, do you need more bandwidth because you’re a gaming god? Are you a parent ensuring your whole family can all access their own content at once – on varying devices? Or, are you a stream-a-holic, set on binge watching the latest season of Stranger Things and simply not willing to accept the dreaded buffer?

From casual clickers to goliath gamers, we all need different things from our broadband – but one thing we all want is speed. It’s important to make sure though, that need doesn’t exceed speed. 

With a variety of pace available through a full fibre connection, most broadband providers would have you believing that everyone needs the biggest, fastest – and usually priciest – connection. But in reality, what is actually needed, is the best fit for you.

If you live in a cosy cottage, why should you be paying to power a mansion? The same rule applies to your internet needs – why pay for more high-speed browsing than you need?

BeFibre takes pride in being an open book and is on a mission to make sure no-one overpays for a vital service. Finely-tailored packages mean that there is a perfect fit for everyone, and we work with customers old and new to ensure their package meets their every need -vs. what their peers think they need.

BeFibre’s Classic, Family, Advantage and Elite packages mean that every Cinderella can find their glass slipper. 

Classic has got the social media browsers and Netflix bingers covered, while Elite will see smiles from those that are practically plugged into the matrix – with average speeds of 900Mbps, even the most screen-focused family in the world would struggle to tire this one out. 

It’s important to remember that, just like with any other service, needs and requirements change – so the tailoring shouldn’t stop when someone signs up. If a studious son or gamer girl moves out,, the household broadband needs will probably drop – so the package should change too! 

Regular reviews of household usage can be an incredible tool for keeping costs low – which is why our team is always on the lookout for customers who could be getting a better deal. 

Regardless of the package you’re on, BeFibre will regularly review usage to see if more or less bandwidth will make your life easier – checking in to keep everyone happy. 

So, whether you discover a new passion in World of Warcraft, or decide to swap your screen time for outdoors time – we’ll always have your back! 

To see when BeFibre is coming to your area, use our postcode checker to get ahead of the game. 

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