Optimising your home office: Tips and inspiration to stimulate productivity

To effectively manage working from home and hybrid job roles, it’s important to ensure your environment is fit for purpose. And, stable and fast broadband is a key component in boosting productivity and keeping employees connected with colleagues and customers.

12 February 2024

Fast and reliable broadband connections

Being disconnected or constant buffering during work calls can trigger frustration — we’ve all been there!

At BeFibre we aim to provide fast and reliable connections through full fibre. The process of using optical fibre cables, transmitting data using light instead of electricity as opposed to copper cables. Optical fibre cables are insusceptible to outages and disruptions, allowing connectivity that is much faster and reliable than the traditional copper cables. 

Ever asked yourself, why is my internet lagging? Working from home efficiently relies solely on a strong enough internet connection, including a high enough download and upload speed — did you know that all of our packages offer symmetrical speeds?

Tips for the perfect workspace

An at home office requires the perfect execution, eliminating household distractions and driving the main focus to work. Below, we share BeFibre’s top tips for optimising your home office and boosting productivity. 

  • The importance of natural light: Encouraging natural light in your home office can significantly improve your productivity, health and wellbeing. 
  • Comfortability: A comfortable chair is a key component, an ergonomic chair is designed to support the human body with considerations to posture — reducing back pain and encouraging mobility. 
  • Declutter and organise: Organisation boosts productivity, allowing you to focus better and locate important documents and supplies with ease — improving focus and reducing stress. 
  • Appropriate set up: Every job is different, so it’s important to have the right gadgets and equipment to fulfill your role from home. For example, you might find your peak productivity is when you’re standing while working, in this instance a standing desk becomes a beneficial investment. 
  • Technology: We’ve all fallen victim to having an influx of tabs open on your browser while completing tasks or forgetting to update software/hardware. This can have an impact on your connectivity and ultimately slow down your productivity, so remember to close old and unused websites throughout the day. For a reliable and consistent connection while updating software, Static IP plays a key role in providing faster download speeds while maintaining a stable connection. 

Protecting yourself against cyber threats 

Remote working can put company computers at risk of hackers and phishing attacks, the good news is, by adopting the basics of cybersecurity you can mitigate these risks. Regularly backing up your data can ensure you can restore your system to the previous status, reducing the chance of important files being lost or deleted. 

BeFibre’s secure network addresses vulnerabilities and bugs discovered in the operating system, protecting your device and the data stored — maintaining data integrity. Used remotely, the ACS (Automatic Configuration Server) is used to manage and configure devices on the network, including security patching, removing the need for manual intervention. 

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