To switch or not to switch – What are broadband customers doing right now?

The age-old question that nearly every broadband customer wants an answer to. Now more than ever - with the cost of living crisis putting immense pressure on people to find ways to cut costs wherever possible.

02 February 2023

Broadband is an area where customers can save a lot of money by switching – approximately £200 a year according to research from Which. But it’s surprising to find that even in the midst of annual raises and sneaky mid-contract increases that half of UK customers were unlikely to switch providers in the future and 47% have never switched

Reasons range from finding the process too complicated and not finding a better deal, to being concerned about a drop in speed and feeling a sense of loyalty towards their chosen provider.


Loyalty can cost 

Unfortunately, a lot of the time loyalists don’t receive the same flattery in return. In fact, they pay more than new customers – averaging £113 for every year they stay in their contracts after their initial period ends, a 43% increase on the initial price. The cheek of it!

What’s worse is that mid-contract price increases are all too common, with several of the major firms raising costs every April in line with the consumer price index and adding an extra 3.7-3.9%. Outrageous!


What can I do?

So if you’re recently out or coming to the end of your contract, or you’re just sick of paying more than you should be, we implore you to push for a better price. Whether that’s haggling with your current provider and reminding them that loyalty works both ways, or switching altogether, it could help you save lots of precious pennies – in a time when it really counts.

If you decide that you’d rather stay with your current provider, be sure to check your current contract and internet speeds to ensure it still works for you and your household needs. A lot of the time providers fail to deliver on their promises so this might sway your decision to look elsewhere. 

But if you think it’s time to find a trusted provider who isn’t going to break your bank every year, look no further than BeFibre. 

As you can probably tell, we think it’s bonkers that loyalty ends in eye-watering increases to your bills and mid-contract rises are the done thing. That’s why we protect our customers from inflation by promising not to include sneaky annual price rises during your contract period. What you sign on for is what you’ll get – no fibs, no broken promises. 


Our packages range from Classic to Elite, allowing you to choose the best speed and deal that works for you, your needs, AND YOUR POCKET – all delivered over our full fibre network. 

Go on, make the switch, we know you want to… 



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