BeBoost whole home WiFi for £8 per month
Our BeBoost Mesh WiFi router creates reliable Wi-Fi signals, eliminates dead zones, and ensures you’re always connected. With easy set-up and management, it’s an essential upgrade to any smart home.

BeBoost whole home WiFi

  • Wi-Fi 6 means higher speeds and 4x more capacity for more devices simultaneously connected
  • Intelligent Mesh™ technology is designed to deliver gigabit Wi-Fi speeds to cover every corner of your home
  • Easy set up and control through the free Linksys app
  • Parental controls to schedule off time and pause access on any devices at the touch of a button
  • Minimum term is 24 months from the day we activate your service


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What is Mesh?

Introducing our innovative BeBoost Mesh solution – the future of seamless connectivity. Mesh networks are commonly used for home Wi-Fi systems, where a central router communicates with satellite nodes placed around the house. Mesh creates reliable Wi-Fi signals, eliminates dead zones, and ensures you’re always connected.

How does Mesh work?

Mesh technology operates on a simple yet powerful principle: collaboration. Your BeBroadband router and BeBoost Mesh WiFi router work together to amplify the signal and distribute it evenly throughout your home or office. Whether you’re streaming, gaming, or video conferencing, Mesh ensures a stable and strong connection no matter where you are.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Getting set up with Mesh is a breeze. All you need is our BeBoost Mesh WiFi router and Linksys app. No technical expertise required. And you’ll be up and running in no time. With easy set-up, access controls and scheduling, our BeBoost whole home WiFi is an essential upgrade to any home.

You won’t be charged anything until your broadband is successfully installed, and your broadband connection is live.

Broadband as it should Be

No Buffering

Stay connected, no matter how many devices you’re using in your home. No more buffering. Just seamless connections.

Game-changing speeds.

Gamer, family orientated, relaxing retiree or simply working from home? Rest assured 900Mbps means you won’t miss a beat of whatever it is you’re into.

Fibre without the fibs.

We’ll always do right by our customers. No false or broken promises. No exaggerations.


Contract buy out

We understand that switching broadband providers can sometimes result in unexpected cancellation fees. We’re here to help you cover that cost when you sign up to any of our full fibre packages.

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