Staff spotlight – get connected to Paul May

21 November 2023

Our people are what make BeFibre great – every single one of them represents what we stand for – and represents a very important piece of our puzzle. What better way to understand our mission, than by quizzing our colleagues on 10 quickfire questions that offer a little more insight into why they’re such a crucial part of the team?

First up it’s our head of channel management, Paul May…

1. Tell us about your role at BeFibre – what are your key responsibilities?

My role as head of channel management is to develop and implement strategic and tactical channel plans to exceed BeFibre’s sales and revenue targets. This involves supporting and optimising our existing sales channels whilst expanding our sales distribution through attracting and on-boarding new third party partners.

2. What’s your favourite part of the job?

100% the people. BeFibre has a fantastic group of individuals and teams who are passionate about delivering against our purpose – Delivering broadband as it should be. I’m also lucky to work with some brilliant partners from across the telecoms industry who share many of our core values – Be awesome, Be Proud, Be bold and Be innovative.

3. For you, what makes BeFibre stand out from the crowd?

We’re a true customer centric business who don’t just talk the talk but we walk the walk. This is reflective in our pricing strategy, proposition and product value and customer experience. We want our customers to be BeFibre brand ambassadors who proactively advocate us to their friends, family and everyone in between.

4. How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

Depends which ones you ask!

Passionate, Enthusiastic…annoyingly determined (Sorry, that’s four!)

5. Describe BeFibre in three words…

‘Be-rilliant’. Fun. Rewarding.

6. Is there a life motto which you swear by?

“Do or do not – there is no try” –  Yoda

7. If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Probably my Mobile for OSS sales updates by the minute!

8. If you were the boss for a day, what one rule would you implement?

Bring your pet to work. I’d bring our five year old Cavapoo who is called Griff.

9. Complete the sentence: When it comes to broadband, it’s crazy that people don’t know…

The incredible value BeFibre offer. From symmetrical upload & download speeds up to 900mbps, Linksys Wi-Fi 6 router included as standard, No in-contract price hikes, 30 day Be-Guarantee, UK call centres and all from only £21 pcm! 

We also offer a really attractive customer referral scheme which rewards our loyal customers £75 cash to recommend BeFibre to friends and family – go check it out BeFibre, Refer Friends ( 

10. If you could give a colleague an award for going ‘above and beyond’ who would it be, and why?

Impossible to acknowledge one person – or even one team / department. BeFibre puts the people at the heart of the organisation so I’ll be a total kop-out & nominate the entire BeFibre team! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more team members taking part in our Q&A series over the coming months.

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