Our top five internet-themed movies

We’re not one to blow our own trumpets (honest) but given that BeFibre’s premium 900Mbps package is 13x faster* than the average fibre speeds in the UK, and therefore enables you to download a 1-hour programme in under seven seconds**, we thought we’d look at some of our top web-based TV shows and films – it’s almost the weekend, after all.

18 May 2022

Once we started our research, we quickly realised that finding ‘the best’ internet-based views was quite the challenge, given there were so many options on offer – from sci-fi thrillers, 90s classics, through to TV documentaries and short films – but we’ve given it our best shot. 

              1. Ready Player One? 

Stand by for another BeFibre plug… given our customers have the power to download an entire new-release PS5 game in only 14 minutes, we had to include this gaming-focused flick.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the plot centres around a teenager on a quest to get his hands on a fortune left by eccentric James Halliday after his death. The keys to the treasure are hidden inside a virtual reality – for one worthy player to find. 

              2. Catfish 

Credited with coining the term ‘catfishing’ (whereby a person creates a fake social media account), this docu-film followed main character Nev as he sought to meet his online love interest, Megan – who he had been dating exclusively via Facebook. 

Once face-to-face though, all was not as it seemed, leaving Nev heartbroken, but not enough that he couldn’t use his experience to create what is now a long-running MTV spin-off, Catfish: the TV show – demasking other interest fraudsters. 

              3. The Social Network 

We couldn’t compile a list of web-based films without a nod to the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the launch of Facebook. While it’s not a biopic by any means, it uses Zuckerberg’s life as a communication metaphor as well as alienation in the modern age and is well worth a watch. 

              4. You’ve Got Mail

Prepare for some tech nostalgia right here. While there’s a dating app for everyone these days, this American classic starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks tells the ‘original’ online romance tale of two people whose digital devotion flourishes – with neither aware they are business rivals.

              5. The Matrix

Okay, we know this is actually a sci-fi film, but it explores where technology might take us in future – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Plus, it’s an absolute classic, and if you haven’t watched it, you absolutely should. 

               6. StartUp 

While not a film, there’s been a lot in the news recently about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, and this uber-cool series centres around a desperate banker, a Haitian-American gang lord and a Cuban-American hacker who join forces to unwittingly create their version of the American dream, using – you guessed it – cryptocurrency.

If you’d like to download all these films in under 2 minutes**, enter your postcode to check if BeFibre is available in your area, here.

*All references to how many times faster our broadband service is, depends on you being able to access ‘superfast’ type broadband services of 70Mbps (or less) and selecting one of our packages at the advertised speed. Speeds shown may be affected based on the placement of the router in your property or the device you are using.

**Download speed times relate to our 900Mbps BeFibre broadband package

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