BeFibre trends on Twitter with One Minute Briefs

‘Supersonic’, ‘ultra-fast’, ‘gigafast’ – whatever the term, believe us we’ve heard it all.

24 May 2022

While this all sounds incredibly ground-breaking, what does it all actually mean? Don’t you just wish you could simply enjoy ‘broadband as it should be?’

That’s the very reason we came to market with BeFibre – to be a broadband provider that keeps its promises. We want to be known as the brand that when you purchase your full fibre package, you get exactly what you receive. That means no copper cabling, fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connectivity and speeds 13x faster* than competitors… and, of course, exceptional customer service too.

To get this message out to a wider audience, we got creative… or rather the One Minute Briefs’ online community of ‘OMBLES’ did.

We wanted a bold and brave social media campaign that not only translated our vision perfectly, but which was a little bit cheeky to reflect our tone of voice.

And the response? Absolutely phenomenal – just look at the statistics!

  • 1,426 mentions
  • 160 unique authors
  • 700+ retweets
  • 150+ submissions
  • 15 countries involved
  • 74 million impressions

Not only were we tagged into hundreds of posters, billboard ideas, memes and sketches, but the OMBLES also ensured our hashtag of #BroadbandAsItShouldBe trended on Twitter, too! (And, we were even above Britney Spears at one point… Oops, do you think we can do it again?!)

You can see all the entries here. Incredible, aren’t they?! We don’t think the partnership with One Minute Briefs will stop there either as many of these submissions will hopefully play a part in our next social media or ‘out of home’ campaign.

From over 250 pieces of creative, the list was whittled down to 25 before we – after much deliberation – finalised our top three.

And it was Matt Oakley’s adverts that collected the top spot.

Congratulations to everyone who entered, we’re hoping to work with both Matt and other OMBLES in future!

*All references to how many times faster our broadband service is, depends on you being able to access ‘superfast’ type broadband services of 70Mbps (or less) and selecting one of our packages at the advertised speed. Speeds shown may be affected based on the placement of the router in your property or the device you are using.

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