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Construction begins to futureproof broadband in Killamarsh

UK telecommunication infrastructure provider Digital Infrastructure has commenced the major infrastructure project to build a faster broadband network in Killamarsh — the latest phase of a targeted £100m private investment for better UK connectivity.

28 May 2023

Once complete, approximately 19,000 residents of Killamarsh will be able to enjoy fit-for-the-future internet capabilities that deliver the guaranteed speeds people need now and for years to come. 

Aiming to leave a positive legacy in society, construction utilises existing ducts, meaning there’s no need to dig up Killamarsh’s roads — something which is central to the firm’s strategy of adopting quicker and less disruptive build methods, in order to lower roll-out costs, increase efficiency, and minimise the environmental impact of the network deployment.

Once complete, the network will be operated by next-generation internet service provider BeFibre, and it is expected that Killamarsh will be broadband ready by the early summer.

Commenting on the rollout, Louise Elliott, chief customer and operations officer for Digital Infrastructure and BeFibre said: “There’s a lot of work to be done in the UK, to provide communities with the internet connectivity they truly need. That’s why we’re working hard – and at pace – to provide Killamarsh with a future-proofed infrastructure for the area.

“Because our connectivity is full fibre down the ‘last mile’ – right up to your door – customers enjoy the connectivity they pay for, not merely a proportion of it, as is often the case. You wouldn’t ever accept paying for a full sandwich but only getting to eat half! So why is the internet any different?”

Residents can find out if they can receive the new service by registering their interest at

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