The ultimate survival guide for partners of gamers.

Welcome to the ultimate survival guide for the spouses of gamers!

Relegated to ‘the other room’? Headache brought on from the relentless cries of ‘He’s on the roof!’ or ‘Let’s GO!’? Long-suffering partners of those obsessed with gaming: we see you, we feel you and we’re here for you. With the next few months packed with hotly anticipated releases and unmissable sports tournaments, we’ll be straight – their heart is set to be lost to the small screen for the entirety of the season. You may not get a look in, but rejoice! This summer is all about you, and we’ve got the tools to guarantee your overly indulgent ‘me time’ – leaving your other half glued to the game.


We’ve scoured the gaming calendar’s key dates to reveal optimal times for you to reclaim the remote, pack your bags for that bookmarked holiday, or head off on that long, scenic trek you never seem to find time for. Check out the peak gaming periods and deploy some tactics of your own, making sure you still have plenty of fun, despite your partner’s love affair with gaming.


There’s a whole world out there to enjoy – leave them with their headset on and explore it!



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