The growth in online careers and what they look like.

The conversation about whether businesses will revert to the traditional 9-5 office-based approach or continue with the flexible remote or hybrid option is still going strong.

03 March 2023

The conversation about whether businesses will revert to the traditional 9-5 office-based approach or continue with the flexible remote or hybrid option is still going strong. 

For many employers, questions about productivity and culture remain. But despite this, employees are still rooting for remote or flexible work, and many wouldn’t consider a job that doesn’t answer these demands. Some would even leave their roles if they were forced back into the office full-time. 

That’s why there’s been a significant increase in people flocking to online careers. With the promise of being able to work from anywhere, it’s highly attractive to current staff and new candidates entering the job market for the very first time. 

But what exactly is an online career, and what do they look like?


What is an online career? 

This is a job that is done outside of the office environment, using the internet. This means that the role and responsibilities can be completed virtually from any location as long as the appropriate technology is available. This would suit anyone looking for a role that doesn’t require them to visit a physical office. 

Although traditionally, most employees – no matter which sector or job title – would have to report to the office to do their work, the pandemic demonstrated that many can actually do this from anywhere. This holds benefits for employees by removing the commute, and giving them the convenience of. Home, but it can also be cost-saving for employers with them requiring less office space, equipment, and not being tied to area specific wage increases – like those seen in London. Hence, the rise in online careers. 


Which roles and industries offer remote opportunities?

According to data from Glassdoor, the top roles that work remotely in the UK are… 

  1. Web Developer 
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Translator 
  4. Editor 
  5. Data Scientist 
  6. Cyber Security 
  7. Copywriter
  8. Account Manager 
  9. Architect 
  10. Data Analyst 

It’s probably no surprise that tech-heavy jobs which involve software development rank among the top remote roles today. 

Due to the digital skills gap in recent years, organisations have had to increase salaries and offer more attractive packages to candidates who possess specific online skills to fight off competition in the employment market. And the fact that remote working is prevalent for these types of jobs could very well be linked to this. 

But all of the roles mentioned above have one thing in common: the ability to work independently from any location. 

So aside from finding an employer who champions online work – there are more out there than you think – what else do you need to ensure you can kickstart your remote career? The answer is an internet connection that won’t let you down. 


Connecting the world of online careers 

Whilst remote working continues to grow, it’s important to acknowledge that none of this would be possible without the advances in internet technology. 

The pandemic really showed us how critical it is to be able to access business systems online from wherever employees are and to be able to communicate with managers and colleagues effectively, on demand. 

If you ask us, the key to unlocking the true potential of an online career is reliable broadband. That’s why BeFibre is on a mission to help remote workers stay connected, no matter how many devices they’re using, with no interruptions. Just seamless connections. 

If you’re looking to start your online career but you’re unsure whether your internet is up to speed, literally, then enter your postcode to check if BeFibre is available in your area, here.




All references to how many times faster our broadband service is depends on you being able to access ‘superfast’ type broadband services of 70Mbps (or less) and selecting one of our packages at the advertised speed. Speeds shown may be affected based on the placement of the router in your property or the device you are using.

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