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Are you tired of slow internet and not being able to speak to someone about your broadband issues? At BeFibre we understand the frustration and are here to help you. Our friendly, UK-based sales team is ready to assist you in getting the faster broadband you deserve.

🌐 Why Choose Us?
Friendly UK-Based Sales Team
Our dedicated team is based in the UK, ensure you receive personalised and local support. Speak directly to our experts who understand your needs and can help you switch seamlessly to BeFibre broadband.

📈 Talk to the Experts in Your Area
Want to know how to increase your broadband speed? Our knowledgeable team is just a call away. We are familiar with the broadband infrastructure in your area and can offer you speeds of up to 900Mbps, perfect for gaming, streaming or anything in-between.

💼 Trustpilot Score Shows We Care
Our Trustpilot score reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. We care about your broadband experience and are eager to support you in making the switch to faster internet. Give us a call and discover how we can improve your broadband connection.

🏡 Upgrade to the Uk’s Fastest broadband network.
Experience broadband speeds of up to 900Mbps! While most people in the small towns and villages we serve are stuck with Ofcom average speeds of 80Mbps, we can offer you a significant upgrade.

🔥 Not Sure How to Switch?
Switching your broadband provider can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Speak to one of our UK-based team members about upgrading your broadband. We’ll guide you through the process, making it easy and stress-free. Call us now and transform your internet experience!

Talk To Us – 0330 088 83 83

Our amazing full fibre packages

30 day guarantee

30 Day Be Guarantee

Not happy with your reliable, full fibre connection after 30 days? Don’t worry, you can leave with no cancellation fees. T&C’s apply

12 Months
24 Months
24 Months
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*If a standard installation isn’t possible, we will discuss your options in line with our T&Cs:

Broadband as it should Be

No Upfront Costs

With BeFibre there are no sneaky upfront costs! Which means, No set up fee, No installation fee, No activation fee and No postage delivery fee.

No in-contract price hikes

A Full Fibre network that gives you symmetrical upload speeds that are equal to that of the download speeds (up to 900 Mbps). A must for home workers, online gamers and anything in-between.

Fibre without the fibs

Unlike other broadband providers, we're saying no to in-contract price hikes.

Check your postcode.

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Spread the word! Refer a friend to BeFibre and you'll get £50 cash, they’ll get £50 cash.

BeFibre. Be valued. Be amazed.

*Broadband speeds provided by BeFibre are full fibre services. Representation based on most of our customers being able to receive ‘Superfast’ or ‘part-fibre’ broadband services.


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Learn more about our broadband services

  • Simply put, most people’s broadband, although referred to as ‘Superfast fibre’ or similar, can still contain old copper wires – even though it’s called ‘fibre broadband’. We are building a new network made up of purely full fibre cables – no copper – which is why our broadband speeds are very likely to be much, much, much faster than your existing services! 

  • As with all telecoms providers, we’ll run one of our brand new full fibre cables into your property and connect you either overhead, or underground. Our customer services team can help you with more information relating to generic installation of our services. All installations will be carried our by BeFibre approved engineers who will get you connected to our full fibre services efficiently. We’ll even help you set up your router and pair your devices like laptops, phones and tablets to your new router! 

  • Simply put, we stand by our speeds and we are transparent about what speeds we can offer. Our network is brand new. We lay new full fibre cables to connect homes to our network. Because our network only contains the latest technologies and new fibre cables, we can offer speeds that are so much faster than our competitors. 

  • We’re a brand new full fibre broadband provider! Our mission is to bring the latest fibre broadband technology, powered by a reliable network, to hundreds of thousands of homes in the UK. Our team has hundreds of years of experience in the telecoms and broadband industry. And we are backed by Digital Infrastructure — a company with £100m investment. 

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