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Skelmersdale’s first resident now connected to BeFibre’s new full-fibre broadband

BeFibre has now connected the first of up to 12,000 residents to its new full fibre network in Skelmersdale.

18 July 2023

Next-generation broadband provider BeFibre – which announced it was coming to Skelmersdale back in April 2022 – has now connected the first of up to 12,000 residents to its new full fibre network. 

Victoria Vickers of Cedar Grove, now has future-proofed connectivity which delivers the guaranteed speeds the Vickers family need now and for years to come. 

Commenting on the reason for her broadband switch as well as the installation process, Victoria said: “ Everything went smoothly with the installation of my new BeFibre router. Having experienced frequent outages with my previous provider, I now have all of my devices set up and have noticed a big difference in the speed already. The engineer talked me through the setup process – there was literally nothing for me to do other than install the app on my phone. I’ll be recommending BeFibre to all my friends and family.”

The announcement marks the town’s official launch of the fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connectivity, following several months of preparations to design, build and test the network, which is constructed by BeFibre’s sister company – UK telecommunication infrastructure owner – Digital Infrastructure.

“We’re delighted to have upgraded Victoria’s world and welcome them onto the BeFibre network,” commented Louise Elliott, chief customer and operations officer for BeFibre.

“Because our connectivity is full fibre down to the ‘last mile’ – right up to Victoria’s front door – they will now enjoy the connectivity they pay for, not merely a proportion of it, as is often the case.”

Committed to working closely with local authorities and stakeholders in every new area the team enters, BeFibre has been extremely vocal about its commitment to transforming how Skelmerdale’s community lives, works and plays. 

“This is a fiercely crowded market,” added Louise. “However, by not breaking promises, giving customers guaranteed speeds, and delivering first-class customer service, we’re providing an edge that is hard to compete with.

“After all, we need greater connectivity than ever before – whether we’re busy with video calls, working from home, binging on box-sets, or gaming. In truth, being online is now a necessary part of everyday life, therefore, we’re moving in line with an ever-evolving broadband market with our fit-for-the-future infrastructure, to ensure that we meet demand.”

To find out if you can access BeFibre’s full fibre broadband, visit and input your postcode.

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