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BeFibre heads to Maltby and Bramley

Residents of Maltby, and surrounding areas Bramley and Wickersley are set to welcome 13x faster* fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband.

03 April 2022

BeFibre has moved a team of broadband engineers into the area to deliver FTTP connectivity.

Striving to be known as the internet service provider that keeps its promises – and delivers broadband as it should be – BeFibre will offer download and upload speeds up to 13 times faster than the fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) coverage that currently spans the majority of the UK. Such speeds equate to the ability to download a 1-hour TV programme in only 7 seconds, or 500 Spotify songs in 25 seconds, for example. 

With the company aiming to reach 80 locations and 1,000,000 premises by 2027, this is significant news for Maltby – a location which has always featured particularly early on the roadmap.

Maltby’s full-fibre network will be planned, built, and operated by BeFibre’s sister company – Digital Infrastructure. Utilising existing ducts without having to dig up the town’s roads, the firm’s strategy is to adopt quicker and less disruptive build methods, to lower roll out costs, increase efficiency, and minimise the environmental impact of the network deployment. The connectivity will be rolled out in a phased programme, with build work starting this month and first homes activated and ready for service in the summer.

To find out if you can access BeFibre’s full fibre broadband, click here and input your postcode.

*All references to how many times faster our broadband service is, depends on you being able to access ‘superfast’ type broadband services of 70Mbps (or less) and selecting one of our packages at the advertised speed. Speeds shown may be affected based on the placement of the router in your property or the device you are using.

Further reference in relation to 13x faster speeds: Ofcom Connected Nations Update – Summer 2021

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