How could the internet look in 2050?

With the internet now 12159 days old and technological innovations continuing to roll out at pace, we’re taking a step back – or rather forward – to explore what our online presence could really entail a couple of decades from now…

07 July 2022

From the first ever email being sent in 1971, we entered a new era of communication. And little did we know just how much of an impact this type of digital interaction would have on our modern-day lives only 50 years later. 

Of course, we can all predict that the internet is likely to be stronger, faster, and safer over the coming years, but as we continue to connect the masses and with the internet now in its adolescence phase should we be fearful or hopeful that our digital solutions are spearheading the way in which we evolve online? 

As we continue to let the internet transform how we communicate, work, live and play, , there’s no denying that we’ll soon let our digital world shape our physical experience too. We’re all well aware of the Metaverse and how the world wide web won’t solely be accessible via a screen anymore, for example. It’ll become ingrained in our daily lives, and help us to facilitate new forms of communication.

In a recent study about digital life, 530 experts were questioned on what they think our digital future will look like in years to come. Here’s a few of their responses…

  • Keyboards, mouses, and screens won’t exist
  • Augmented reality glasses will be the thing that enables us to interact with the environment around us
  • Information will be seen floating in the air – not just on our screens
  • Real-time information will be available for everything – even the strangers you walk past in the street
  • You won’t have to search for things, you will simply be able to ask the question out loud
  • Instead of learning new languages, we will simply install a translation app that allows us to live-translate our own speech, in real-time.

Although everyone has their own predictions on where our internet capabilities will take us in the years to come, it’s important to remember that cyber security, data privacy, and the safety of using the web isn’t left behind – to ensure the worst doesn’t happen. 

Considering Ray Tomlinson sent the first email without realising – and to say how much of an impact this has had on every single person’s internet usage to date – there’s a lot more to come from modern-day technology than we may have once thought never possible. 

What are your thoughts on the future plans of the internet? Let us know by tweeting us at @BeFibre.

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